About the author

The research you are reading about is one I carry out as a PhD Candidate at Uppsala University (Sweden), where I have worked and taught since 2016.
I grew up in Moscow where I studied journalism and freelanced for a number of professional political media outlets, including TV, radio, printed press, and online media.
In 2013, I left Russia for Sweden where I got a Master’s in Social Science at Uppsala University and later moved to Stockholm where I currently reside. Apart from working for the university, I am also engaged in activism as one of the two coordinators of the Stockholm collective of Democracy in Europe Movement 25 (DiEM25) and occasionally write for Russian media.
My interest in participating in left-wing alternative media is related to my broader interest in poststructuralism, democratic theory, progressive politics, and the New Left. In my Master thesis, defended in 2015, I explored the rethinking of feminism by the Swedish political party’s Feminist Initiative that attempted to include all discriminated groups into a traditionally women’s discourse, thereby bringing together intersectional feminism and the theory of radical democracy.
The project
In my current project, I'm conducting a poststructuralist analysis of participatory processes in alternative and activist media, approaching them as an ongoing performance. Following the discourse-theoretical tradition that privileges social contingency and conflict as ontological categories, the study views participation as a floating signifier whose content and meaning depend on ongoing discursive struggles between actors of decision-making processes. Thus, rather than working with a well-defined meaning of participation in the first place, the project explores the ongoing construction of its meaning through shaping participatory intensities and, consequently, power dynamics on the platforms.
The study argues that the meaning of participation is stabilised through performances of signifying and material practices by the participants that seek to identify with particular discourses on participation and subject positions within these discourses. Furthermore, it specifically intends to look into the ways in which discourses on diversity are performed within the media platforms that explicitly reject internal hierarchies and position themselves in the midst of progressive movements.
The project is supported and financed by Uppsala University (UU). The main supervisor is Professor Nico Carpentier (UU), with co-supervisors Dr. Vaia Doudaki (UU) and Dr. Jakob Svensson (Malmö University).
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Baltic Review (in Russian, 2011-2015)

Discourse (in Russian, since 2015)    

Ekho Moskvy (in Russian, since 2012)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (in Russian, 2010-2012)

Sovershenno Sekretno (in Russian, 2013)


Communication Studies (spring 2018), B-level (co-teaching), Uppsala University. 

Social Media and Global Change (spring 2017), C-level (co-teaching), Uppsala University. 

Communication and Organising (fall 2016), Master level, Uppsala University.


Supervision of 4 Bachelor theses (fall 2017), Uppsala University.


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