About my PhD

I carry out my research project as a PhD Candidate at Uppsala University, where I have worked since 2016.

The PhD project has the ambition of providing a theoretical and empirical contribution to a better understanding of collaborative media and their democratic potential.

Taking the field work to Russia, it explores three media communities that provide organizational structure and technological platforms for non-professionals to co-produce and co-decide on the content.

A mixture of participant observations, interviews and textual analysis is deployed to develop a critical-explanatory framework. It is used to explore the discursive conditions and constraints of participation, doing justice both to the material dimension of participation and the context of modern Russia.

The project is supported and financed by Uppsala University. The main supervisor is Prof. Nico Carpentier (Uppsala University/Charles University), with co-supervisors Prof. Mats Edenius (Uppsala University) and Prof. Jakob Svensson (Malmö University)


I am happy to develop collaborations with like-minded researchers, activists and media producers. If my work sparks interest, feel free to drop me a line.